Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can often make you feel as though you are lost in a maze of worry and fear. Dr. Mech and his team want to help you feel like you have a compassionate guide by your side. Drawing from his holistic “Patient-Centered Approach,” Dr. Mech recognizes that anxiety does not exist in isolation but is intertwined with your physical and mental well-being.
In your journey with Dr. Mech, he uses a comprehensive assessment approach to identify factors contributing to your anxiety. This includes looking into neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep architecture, ambulatory EEGs, and genetic testing. Emphasizing the diversity in each patient’s biological and psychological makeup, Dr. Mech customizes treatment plans to fit your needs best, nurturing lifelong brain health and overall wellness.
Living with anxiety can be challenging, but with Dr. Mech, you’re not alone. He’s here to walk with you every step of the way, navigating the path toward a calmer, healthier future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Mech performs a wide-ranging evaluation encompassing neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep analysis, ambulatory EEGs, and genetic testing. This exhaustive approach assists him in pinpointing the underlying contributors to your anxiety and formulating a personalized treatment strategy.
Treatment is specifically tailored to you and may include medication management, psychotherapy, advice on lifestyle adjustments, and occasionally alternative treatments. The goal is to target the root causes and deliver the most effective care.
The duration of treatment varies and is influenced by several factors, such as the intensity and type of anxiety, your response to treatment, and personal life situations.
Dr. Mech encourages proactive communication and urges you to reach out if your symptoms escalate or if you experience medication side effects. He aims to be a reliable support throughout your wellness journey.
Yes, Dr. Mech values the significance of collaborative care. If you’re currently engaged with other health professionals, he will coordinate with them to provide a well-rounded approach to your anxiety treatment.
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