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Holistic Depression Treatment

Our Goal Is to Uncover Lasting Recovery

Depression can make you feel like you’re alone with no escape. We’re here to help you understand that you’re not alone and there is help available in finding your path to recovery.

Our Approach To Depression Treatment

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Holistic Patient-Centered Approach

  • Dr. Mech’s holistic approach addresses the root causes of depression.
  • Integrates the mind-body connection into your treatment plan.

What To Expect

  • Comprehensive assessment, including neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep patterns, ambulatory EEGs, and genetic testing.
  • Tailored treatments for your unique needs.
  • Fostering lifelong brain health and overall wellness.

Let's Get Started, Together

  • Depression can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Mech Mental Health Innovations is here to help you uncover healing, guiding you toward a brighter, healthier future.

Stories of Hope and Healing

Jessica H
June 17, 2024
I have been a patient of Dr. Mech's on and off for 22 years. He is very holistic and is interested in your whole body health, which is very rare for many specialists. He understands mental health very well, but has also done genetic, metabolic, and cardiac testing for me. Everything affects your brain and wellbeing. During appointments where he does most of the talking: I leave feeling really educated, like I left a lecture by a college professor. But he also listens to his patients when they have new challenges that month.
Stephanie Spangler
June 17, 2024
Great physician, very nice and intelligent and treats many different spectrums of mental health. I'm glad I found him and his office because he saved me so much money and really actually saved my life by being able to help in my recovery. Was a little rough getting the prescription correct but was worth the wait to get it corrected. If you need a great, friendly mental health physician, definitely check Dr. Mech out, definitely above and beyond. Thank you and staff!!! Angel helped me a lot even through my frustrations, thanks for putting up with me..
D Patton
June 13, 2024
Best in the business. I have seen Dr Mech for over 20 years and several of my family members and friends are also patients due to my positive experice with Dr. Mech! Dr Mech always has taken wonderful care of myself, my son, other family members, and friends. This Dr is a life saver! I cannot say enough good things about this Dr.
Elizabeth Tumlinson
June 13, 2024
Great doctor!! Wonderful, courteous staff!! Would definitely recommend Dr. Mech to anyone & everyone!!
Cynthia Buttrick
June 12, 2024
It was my first visit with Dr.Mech, and he was very kind and attentive to my needs—great first impression.
Kristi Perkins
June 11, 2024
My name is Kristi Perkins I saw Dr.Mech for many years after moving, Obviously, being hundreds of miles away from Dr. Mech’s office I had to choose another Psychiatrist. I seen several & became extremely frustrated. I recently started seeing Dr. Mech again and I’m already feeling better only after 2 weeks! Thank You Dr. Mech & staff. You guys really care and are effectively & genuinely bettering lives one person at a time! Thank You!
Rustin Pascarella
June 11, 2024
Dr. Mech has been very helpful easy going and understanding. Would recommend to family and friends in a heartbeat. He gets straight to the point and doesn’t beat about the bush. Accepts my health insurance and is not extremely expensive like a lot of doctors go check him out what do you have to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment is customized to the individual but often includes medication management, psychotherapy, lifestyle modification advice, and sometimes alternative therapies.

Treatment is customized to the individual but often includes medication management, psychotherapy, lifestyle modification advice, and sometimes alternative therapies. The goal is to address the root causes and provide the most effective care possible.
Treatment duration varies significantly from person to person. It depends on several factors, including the severity and type of depression, response to treatment, and personal circumstances.
Absolutely. Dr. Mech emphasizes open communication and encourages patients to reach out if they’re feeling worse or experiencing side effects from medications. He is here to help you navigate your journey toward wellness.
Dr. Mech believes in the value of collaborative care. If you’re already working with other mental health professionals, he will coordinate with them to ensure a holistic approach to your treatment.
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