About Mech Mental Health Innovations

Our Doctor

Dr. Arnold Mech

Dr. Arnold Mech provides neuropsychiatric care with a unique, holistic approach. He acknowledges the crucial interplay between the two, leading to a comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plan.

Dr. Mech’s practice thoroughly investigates potential factors influencing symptoms, including vitamin and neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep patterns, ambulatory EEGs, and genetic testing. This all-encompassing approach enables Dr. Mech to offer personalized treatments that support brain health and overall wellness at every life stage.

Recognizing the inherent biological (hardware) and psychological (software) diversity in all individuals, Dr. Mech ensures that every treatment plan is as unique as the patient receiving it. He offers his expert care to a wide range of patients, from adolescents aged 13 and above to adults and seniors.

With a particular focus on addiction and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD), Dr. Mech is a specialist in dealing with complex mental health issues. His approach invites patients on a journey of wellness that spans their lifetime, grounded in an understanding of their individuality.

Our TMS Coordinator

Sara Hardwick

Sara is our TMS Coordinator for the Frisco office. She is a versatile and results-driven professional who is patient-centered and brings with her over 25 years of experience in office administration.

Sara excels in patient care because she fosters a sense of trust, empathy and compassion. Patients notice and appreciate her commitment to their well-being and in-office experience. Her dedication is aimed at helping each person along the healing journey.

As TMS Coordinator, Sara works to ensure seamless coordination between patients, insurance companies, and our care delivery team. In addition, she facilitates TMS consultations, secures insurance authorizations, assists with implementation of treatment plans, schedules treatment and, as directed, assists Dr. Mech with TMS treatments.

The Frisco office is effectively treating depression and accompanying anxiety as well as OCD with this state of the art care from NeuroStar TMS. Sara is dedicated to connecting people with this cutting edge treatment.

Ready to get started? Contact me at 469-797-4766 to schedule a free consultation.

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