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  • We believe in treating more than just symptoms.
  • Our comprehensive assessment digs deep to find the root causes of your anxiety, crafting a treatment plan as unique as you are.

Dr. Mech's Holistic Approach to Anxiety Treatment

Dr. Arnold Mech
Personalized support in your journey through anxiety.
Treating anxiety as part of your overall physical and mental health.
In-depth analysis including neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep patterns, EEGs, and genetic testing.
Tailored to your unique biological and psychological makeup.
Nurturing long-term brain health and overall well-being.
Dr. Mech walks with you towards a calmer, healthier future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Mech performs a wide-ranging evaluation encompassing neurotransmitter co-factors, hormone levels, sleep analysis, ambulatory EEGs, and genetic testing. This exhaustive approach assists him in pinpointing the underlying contributors to your anxiety and formulating a personalized treatment strategy.
Treatment is specifically tailored to you and may include medication management, psychotherapy, advice on lifestyle adjustments, and occasionally alternative treatments. The goal is to target the root causes and deliver the most effective care.
The duration of treatment varies and is influenced by several factors, such as the intensity and type of anxiety, your response to treatment, and personal life situations.
Dr. Mech encourages proactive communication and urges you to reach out if your symptoms escalate or if you experience medication side effects. He aims to be a reliable support throughout your wellness journey.
Yes, Dr. Mech values the significance of collaborative care. If you’re currently engaged with other health professionals, he will coordinate with them to provide a well-rounded approach to your anxiety treatment.

Stories of Hope and Healing

Catherine LeBeau
April 3, 2024
I had a phone call with Dr. Mech and things went great. I just needed a medication refill. He was professional and nice as always.
SHAUNA “Minette” Stevens
March 29, 2024
Dr. Mac is someone that listens to his patients and meets their names in the least amount of medication’s possible. He offers in Neostar TMS treatments which are absolutely wonderful. I know this from my own experience from the treatments it’s substantially lowered my depression and anxiety and PTSD. I can’t say how much Dr MECH has helped me my daughter and my mother. In my opinion, he’s the best psychiatrist that you could possibly choose in the DFW area. I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Dr MECH he is the best and you deserve the best. As long as he’s in practice, I will not go anywhere else that is a promise, my experience with other psychiatrist or they don’t listen to my needs and are unwilling to meet them. They’re more worried about what medications they need to prescribe to you because they get kickbacks from that medication not Dr MECH he is More and she what is best for his patients and not what is best for him?
Elsie Peay
March 26, 2024
Dr Mech has provided Excellent care for me for years!!! My precious 15 year old son died in 2000. Dr Mech brought me thru unbearable grief and many transitions thru the years. I greatly miss my son!! With DrMechs help, now I am a functioning loving Grand mother!! I would have died or been a total wreck all these years without Dr Mech!!!
Emily N
March 25, 2024
Dr. Mech has been nothing but helpful and thorough. He’s is a extremely intelligent man with ample amounts of experience!
D Patton
March 25, 2024
Best in the business. I have seen Dr for over 20 years and several of my family members and friends are also patients due to my positive experice with Dr. Mech!
Andrew Martin
March 25, 2024
Dr. Mech has been wonderful to work with and I enjoy the easy, user friendly process set forth to make things run smoother with ease. Highly recommended
Judy Boyes
March 23, 2024
Just finished TMS therapy, and this innovative treatment really turned things around for me! Thanks Dr Mech!

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Dr. Arnold Mech provides neuropsychiatric care with a unique, holistic approach. He acknowledges the crucial interplay between the two, leading to a comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plan.


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